DEFOE ( and SPIN-TCP ( present the First DEFOE-SPIN Experiment to measure the effects of pre-electoral surveys, and to innovate in the design of research that provides useful information during the Presidential campaign 2018 in Mexico (

The First DEFOE-SPIN Experiment is completely public, including the database (240 observations and more than 40 variables), the entry and exit surveys, the screened video (with the instructions given to the participants), and the prototype of the treatments and the control. All of these, with the purpose to allow any interested person, not only academics but particularly analysts and mass media, in Mexico or anywhere else in the world, to know the methodology, carry out different analysis and, given the case, make suggestions for the refinement of the exercise.

In DEFOE-SPIN, we are interested in retaking the agenda of the electoral behavior in Mexico, which has lagged behind in the last years, due, precisely, to the lack of complete and public databases related to public opinion studies, including electoral surveys and experiments.

The DEFOE-SPIN experiments seek to trigger debates around the electoral behavior in Mexico, become a platform from which new theoretical frameworks and current survey methodologies can be debated, and lead by example to what we understand as transparency and commitment to the scientific duty of carrying out and publishing electoral surveys and experiments. It is important to emphasize that we are against the regulation of surveyors by the authorities and we strongly believe that the guild of surveyors should be self-regulated by the adoption of the best international practices, including the absolute transparency in the publishing of all the information related to public surveys.



Full Citation:

Estrada, Luis and Yamil Nares. First DEFOE-SPIN Experiment. Defoe, Experts on Social Reporting, S.C. y SPIN-Taller de Comunicación Política, S.C., Mexico. April 2018. (

Abbreviated Citation:

Estrada, Luis and Yamil Nares, 2018. First DEFOE-SPIN Experiment. (